It must also be possible, using timbres, to construct sound successions
whose interrelationships have the effect of a kind of logic, completely equivalent
to the kind of logic which satisfies us in melodies made through pitch. Although
I am puzzled by the analogy, I totally agree that there could be a logic.”
Harmonielehre (Schoenberg, 1911)

The Ensemble Holophony Project is an ongoing project focused on instrumental sound-based composition. It started in 2003 with the recording of the piece Holophony for an amplified string quartet. Initially, it was a rather personal project, but recently it has been expanded and opened to the community.

The main aims of the project are to:

  • collect and promote on its website compositions that use sound as the main form-bearing element and which challenge the traditional instrumental performance practice of searching for new sound possibilities.
  • play, catalogue and record sound based compositions.
  • bring together performers who have the interest of making sound in time and not playing notes in tempo.
  • create a lexicon of new instrumental timbre techniques documented with video demonstrations, written explanations and/or notational examples.

The Ensemble Holophony Project has an open call in the following areas:

  • Invitation to performers for collaboration
  • Call for timbre techniques