Call for

The Ensemble Holophony Project is having an ongoing call for performers and composers interested in participating in the project. You are invited to contribute to the project if you are committed to composing sound-based composition and experimenting with instrumental timbre techniques beyond the confines of traditional classical modes.

To apply for any of the calls, please contact us at (the Call For has closed) <>.
Please note that as this is an open source project, it is not a paid project; however, you will be fully credited for your contribution.

Call for performers
The Ensemble Holophony Project is currently looking for performers of any acoustic instrument. Please email us with a description of what you’re skilled at, and some examples of your previous work, if possible. Projects include remote recording sessions, online concerts and webcasted discussions and/or demonstrations on related performance and/or compositional subjects. For more information about the profile of the ensemble, please read the description under the heading ‘Ensemble’ on the Background page.

Call for Timbre Techniques
Submit your bio, detailed instructions and notational sketches of a timbre technique that you would like to hear how it sounds. The current available lineup is Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Piano and Percussion. The selected timbre techniques will be recorded in the studio, mastered and uploaded on this website. The selected timbre techniques will be categorized and presented on the website with full credits to the contributors. We will try to accommodate all of your submissions, but please be patient. For more information about the description of timbre techniques, you can read the heading ‘Timbre Techniques’ on the Background page.